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VoiceXpress PlusKey Features:

Create Documents Directly in Microsoft® Word – You can create text, format, and edit documents all by voice and all directly within Microsoft Word – no need to cut and paste. If you don't use Microsoft Word, you can use the L&H Voice Xpress word processor create documents and then simply copy and paste the text into your favorite Windows application. You can create text for virtually any document –– small messages, chat room dialogues, and formal documents.

Natural Language Technology – Our unique Natural Language Technology lets you "Say It Your Way," enabling L&H Voice Xpress Plus to interpret your navigation, formatting and editing commands … making L&H Voice Xpress Plus easy to learn and more powerful than other voice programs.

Continuous Speech Technology – Lets you create text by dictating in a natural, conversational manner. No need to pause between words, so you can "type" up to 140 words per minute.

Create Entire Documents By Voice – When using L&H Voice Xpress Plus in Microsoft Word or in the L&H Voice Xpress word processor, you don't have to use your hands at all. Use your voice to quickly navigate the application menus and dialog boxes, or integrate keyboard and mouse with verbal control to maximize your efficiency.

Hundreds of Built-In Commands – Navigate, edit and format your documents with simple voice commands.

Outstanding Accuracy – L&H Voice Xpress Plus understands you without any training, and over time, L&H Voice Xpress Plus can automatically adapt to your voice, boosting ongoing accuracy upto 95% or higher. L&H Voice Xpress Plus even offers unique speech profiles developed too boost the accuracy of teen-agers and children.

Large, Customizable Vocabulary – L&H Voice Xpress Plus will understand you because it has a 30,000-word vocabulary that contains the words you use every day. Additionally you can add up to 30,000 words or phrases that are specific to your work, such as people's names, acronyms, and industry-specific terms for a total vocabulary of 60,000 words. You can even use L&H Voice Xpress Plus to scan documents on your PC for words you want to add to the L&H Voice Xpress Plus vocabulary. So easy!

Easy Correction Using Voice, Keyboard or Mouse – Use the method that makes you more productive!

Ability to Add Dictation SmartText – You can automate common tasks by creating a voice macro that inserts a complete block to often used text.

Text-To-Speech – You can hear your documents read back to you, making them easier to edit.

Microphone Included – A high quality noise-canceling headset specifically designed for speech recognition is inside.

Network Support – Install L&H Voice Xpress Plus on a network server and you can use L&H Voice Xpress Plus to create documents on any network client. If you are a systems administrator and you need to backup files, you need backup only the server.

Support for Multiple Users – If several people share the same PC, they can all use L&H Voice Xpress Plus to improve their productivity.

Natural Speech for Number, Dates, Dollar Amounts – With L&H Voice Xpress Plus, you not only dictate words in a natural manner, but you can also enter numbers, dates, and dollar amounts in your natural speech. For example, you say, "three thousand and four dollars" and L&H Voice Xpress Plus types "$3,004."

No Initial Training Required – You can boost your productivity immediately by using L&H Voice Xpress Plus right out of the box.

System Requirements

L&H Voice Xpress and L&H Voice Xpress Plus have the following minimum system requirements:

  • Pentium® 166 MHz Processor with MMX
  • Windows® 95, Windows NT® 4.0 (with Service Pack 3) or Windows® 98
  • A 16-bit sound card from Creative Labs® or other Sound Blaster®-16 compatible 16-bit sound cards.
  • Approximately 130MB of hard disk space
  • 40MB of RAM if running on Windows 95 (additional 8MB RAM required for dictation directly to Microsoft Word with L&H Voice Xpress Plus)
  • 48MB of RAM if running on Windows NT
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Speakers (QuickTour tutorial, Help examples, and Text to Speech only)
  • Microsoft Word 95 or Word 97 (i.e., versions 7.0 and 8.0) for dictation directly to Microsoft Word - This requirement/capability applies to L&H Voice Xpress Plus only

Some sound cards and notebook computers may require an auxiliary power supply to work with the microphone supplied with L&H Voice Xpress. Consult the microphone information inside the package for purchase details and requirements.

Some sound cards and notebook computers may have internal electrical noise that can adversely affect recognition. Consult the L&H Voice Xpress Hardware Compatibility List for notebook computers and sound cards that we have found to be compatible with L&H Voice Xpress and L&H Voice Xpress Plus.

Some notebook computers exhibit slower performance and may require a higher processor speed.

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